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Men are often overlooked when facing an unexpected pregnancy, but their support matters more than others may think. If your partner has just learned she’s pregnant, you may feel panicked, uncertain, or scared. All of these feelings are normal. Give yourself the time you need to process the news, and know that you can rise to the occasion. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

My Partner is Pregnant. What Do I Do?

Your partner has shared the news that she’s pregnant. Neither of you was expecting this. You weren’t planning on having a child, and now you’re wondering what to do next. Here are some helpful tips for how to navigate this situation:

  • Open the door to conversation. Speak honestly about your feelings regarding this news, but remind yourself that your partner is likely just as frightened as you are. Yelling and getting angry won’t help the situation. What you both need right now is to support each other.
  • Seek a support person. It may be helpful to speak to a therapist, family member, or trusted professional about the pregnancy and your feelings about it.
  • Offer to accompany your partner to appointments. Right now, your partner wants to know there are people on her side she can trust. Attend ultrasound appointments and options consultations with her so she knows you’re in this together.
  • Make the decision together. Weigh your option together and have open conversations about what you’d both like to do. Don’t leave her when she needs you most.

What We Can Offer You

In addition to giving you options information, we have a variety of services that are available to you. Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County offers fatherhood support and specialized classes. Our parenting classes are available to both men and women, and we also offer life skills education so you can succeed at every stage of the journey.

These feelings can make life seem impossible, but there is hope.

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